About PhotoSell

Software tool PhotoSell Express Edition is intended to use as a single user environment by professional or amateur photographers or artists who want to store and sell big amount of photos, videos, vector graphics, audio or collections of these objects to photobanks and other subjects. This software will be able to use also for evaluation purposes of these sales activities (s.c. Custom Report Plugin which will be purchased separately). PhotoSell sits on Oracle Database Express/Free Edition (64-bit; only for evaluation purposes, i.e. in this case PhotoSell Express is not supported) or Oracle Database Personal Edition (64-bit). The functionality was developed by MS Visual Studio Community and Oracle SQL Developer. The development of PhotoSell Application Software was started in fall 2014. The final release candidate will also be available for MS SQL Server. In virtual machine running Oracle Linux you will be able to host database service (s.c. PhotoSell Linux Environment) which is advantage for skilled system administrators or you will be able to purchase s.c. Platinum support on us (multiplatform technical support).

As a professional solution for multi-user environment serves Ultimate edition of PhotoSell which will use as a back-end database Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (or Oracle Database 23c in Cloud) or MS SQL Server (also preferably in cloud) and MS Azure. More about the author you will find on www.danekart.com.

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